Posted On: Nov 24, 2021

AWS Proton now allows customers to sync their Proton templates from a git repository. Platform teams can create AWS Proton templates based on AWS CloudFormation and Terraform templates uploaded to a git repository. AWS Proton is designed to automatically sync and create a new version when changes are made and committed to the git repository. With this new feature, platform and development teams can eliminate manual steps and and reduce the chance for human error.

AWS Proton is the first fully managed application deployment service for containers and serverless. Platform teams can use AWS Proton to connect and coordinate all the different tools needed for infrastructure provisioning, code deployments, monitoring, and updates in a curated self-service interface for developers. The self-service interface provides developers access to approved infrastructure to build and deploy their applications.

To enable template syncing, create a new AWS Proton template and indicate from which repository and folder it will be synced. Whenever you want to create a new version, simply commit the updates to the repository. By design, AWS Proton automatically picks up the changes and generates a new minor version. Generate a new major version by creating a new folder for the same template in your repository.

To start syncing your AWS Proton templates from git, go here.