Posted On: Nov 5, 2021

AWS Toolkits for JetBrains, VS Code and Cloud9 now provide customers with the ability to select and view from a list of 245 resource types across 94 services without leaving their IDEs. With this release, in addition to accessing AWS services that are listed by default in the AWS Explorer pane, customers can choose from hundreds of resources to interact with. This feature uses the AWS Cloud Control API enabling the Toolkit to continually and rapidly add new resource types in the future. 

To view the expanded list of resource types, users of JetBrains IDEs, VS Code, and Cloud9, can simply click on the ‘Resources’ option listed in the AWS Explorer pane, and select the resources to add to the Explorer. They will then see the new selections appear in a refreshed Explorer view in their IDEs. Some examples of commonly requested service resources that are now available in the explorer are Amazon AppFlow, Amazon Kinesis Data Streams and Amazon CloudFront Distributions. After adding new resources to the Explorer pane, customers can interact with them by previewing a read-only version of the JSON file that describes a resource, copy the resource identifier for the resource, view the AWS documentation that explains the purpose of the resource type, and the schema (in JSON format) for modeling the selected resource. 

Resource modification, such as editing, creating or deleting resources, are disabled by default, and customers can enable them through the Experimental features option in the settings for each IDE. Check out the user guide for the AWS Toolkit for Cloud9JetBrains and VS Code to learn more.

Cloud9 customers see the new features built-into the explorer pane. Users of JetBrains and VS Code IDEs, install the AWS Toolkit for JetBrains and VS Code, or update to the latest version to use this feature and submit issues or fefature requests to open source GitHub repos for the Toolkit for JetBrains and the Toolkit for VS Code.