Posted On: Nov 29, 2021

Today, we are launching Greengrass Software Catalog, a collection of AWS IoT Greengrass software components developed by the Greengrass community. Instead of developing device applications from scratch, you can now choose from a list of pre-built Greengrass components on GitHub to kick-start your IoT edge application. You can easily install, use, and modify these components to accelerate your IoT project. As part of this launch, we are also offering Greengrass Development Kit Command Line Interface (CLI) that you can use to configure and build the catalog components in your local development environment.

The catalog includes several new components with capabilities such as data streaming to Amazon Kinesis Video Streams (KVS), Modbus TCP protocol support, local InfluxDB time-series database, and Grafana visualization. For example, for a security monitoring solution, you can use the Amazon KVS component to ingest audio and video streams from RTSP cameras connected to a Greengrass core device. The data can then be streamed to a local monitoring platform or sent to the cloud. Alternatively, for real-time analytics and local operations monitoring, you can use the InfluxDB and Grafana component to locally process and visualize data from IoT sensors and edge devices. Since these components are a reference implementation of common patterns, please ensure that you appropriately review and test any functionality before deploying it to your production environments.

Go to the Greengrass Software Catalog on GitHub and choose a component to get started building your IoT edge application.

Please see the AWS Region table for all the regions where AWS IoT Greengrass is available. To learn more, visit Greengrass product page and view the updated developer guide.  .