Posted On: Dec 1, 2021

Amazon Kendra is an intelligent search service powered by machine learning. Today, we are excited to announce the launch of three new features: (1) Experience Builder to create fully functional search applications in a few clicks, (2) Search Analytics Dashboard for search insights and metrics, and (3) Custom Document Enrichment for document pre-processing and enrichment during ingestion.

Amazon Kendra Experience Builder
You can now deploy a fully functional and customizable search experience with Amazon Kendra in a few clicks, without any coding or ML experience. Experience Builder delivers an intuitive visual workflow to quickly build, customize, and launch your Kendra-powered search application, securely on the cloud. You can start with the ready-to-use search experience template in the builder, which can be customized by simply dragging and dropping the components you want, such as filters or sorting. You can invite others to collaborate or test your search application for feedback, and then share the project with all users when you are ready to deploy the experience. Amazon Kendra Experience Builder comes with AWS Single Sign-On (SSO) integration supporting popular identity providers such as Azure AD and Okta, delivering secure end-user SSO authentication while accessing the search experience. For more information about Amazon Kendra Experience Builder, please visit the documentation

Amazon Kendra Search Analytics Dashboard
Amazon Kendra Search Analytics Dashboard allows you to better understand quality and usability metrics across your Kendra-powered search applications. The Analytics Dashboard helps administrators and content creators understand how easily the end users are finding relevant search results, the quality of the search results and gaps in the content. Amazon Kendra Search Analytics Dashboard provides a snapshot of how your users interact with your search application and how effective your search results are. The analytics data can be viewed in a visual dashboard in the console or you can build your own dashboards by accessing the Search Analytics data via an API. It empowers customers to dive deep into search trends and user behavior to identify insights and also helps to bring clarity to potential areas of improvement. For more information about Amazon Kendra Search Analytics Dashboard, please visit the documentation

Amazon Kendra Custom Document Enrichment
With Amazon Kendra Custom Document Enrichment capabilities, you can build a custom ingestion pipeline that can pre-process documents before they get indexed into Kendra. For example, while ingesting content from a repository like SharePoint using our connectors, customers can enrich documents with additional metadata, convert scanned documents to text, classify documents, extract entities, and further transform the document using custom ETL processes. The enrichment is performed by simple rules that can be configured in the console or by invoking functions from Amazon Lambda. These functions can optionally call other AWS AI Services such as Amazon Comprehend, Amazon Transcribe, or Amazon Textract. For more information about Amazon Kendra Custom Document Enrichment, please visit the documentation

Amazon Kendra Experience Builder, Search Analytics Dashboard, and Custom Document Enrichment features are available in the following regions - US East (N. Virginia), US East (Ohio), US West (Oregon), Europe (Ireland), Asia Pacific (Sydney), Asia Pacific (Singapore), Canada (Central).