Posted On: Dec 1, 2021

We are excited to announce the preview of automatic chatbot designer in Amazon Lex, enabling developers to automatically design chatbots from conversation transcripts in hours rather than weeks. Amazon Lex helps you build, test, and deploy chatbots and virtual assistants on contact center services (such as Amazon Connect), websites, and messaging channels (such as Facebook Messenger). The automatic chatbot designer enhances the usability of Amazon Lex by automating conversational design, minimizing developer effort and reducing the time it takes to design a chatbot.

The automated chatbot designer uses machine learning (ML) to analyze conversation transcripts and semantically cluster them around the most common intents and related information. For example, to create a bot design for insurance transactions it can analyze thousands of lines of transcripts and identify intents such as ‘file a new claim’ from phrases such as ‘my basement is flooded, I need to start a new claim’. The intents in the design are well-defined to remove any overlap between them so the bot can understand the user better for an efficient interaction. And finally, the design includes information, such as policy ID or claim type, needed to fulfill all identified intents. Developers can iterate on the design, add chatbot prompts and responses, integrate business logic to fulfill user requests, and then build, test, and deploy the chatbot in Amazon Lex. The automated chatbot designer automates a significant portion of the bot design, minimizing effort and reducing the overall time it takes to design a chatbot.

The automated chatbot designer is available for free during the preview in English (US) language in all the AWS regions where Amazon Lex V2 operates. Amazon Connect customers using Contact Lens can directly use conversation transcripts in their original format as an input to the automated chatbot designer. Conversation transcripts from other transcription services may require a simple conversion. To learn more, visit Amazon Lex automated chatbot designer and Amazon Lex documentation page.