Posted On: Dec 1, 2021

AWS DeepRacer Student Presented by Intel is a new service for students enrolled in high schools and colleges globally. AWS DeepRacer Student builds on the success of of the award-winning AWS DeepRacer service, which educates aspiring developers on artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML), while removing barriers to entry faced by students. AWS DeepRacer Student provides an all-in-one solution with free learning modules, model training, and competition.

Starting today, students can sign up and access more than 20 hours of foundational AI/ML content developed by AWS experts. Students with no prior ML experience can learn the fundamentals with easy to understand, self paced content to take you from first-time developer to the top of the AWS DeepRacer leaderboard. For the first time, AWS DeepRacer service is available for free for students, providing 10 hours of monthly training and 5 gigabytes of model storage. Students will be able to train a reinforcement learning (RL) model in a simulated 3D environment using the AWS DeepRacer service. Once a model is trained, students can submit to the new AWS DeepRacer Student League pre-season. Starting in March 2022, participate monthly to climb the leaderboard and win scholarships, prizes and glory. Get started today at