Posted On: Dec 2, 2021

Amazon Web Services (AWS) announces the availability of AWS re:Post (re:Post), a new, community-driven, questions-and-answers service to help AWS customers remove technical roadblocks, accelerate innovation, and enhance operation. AWS re:Post enables you to ask questions about anything related to designing, building, deploying, and operating workloads on AWS, and get answers from community experts, including AWS customers, Partners, and employees.

AWS re:Post replaces AWS Forums and introduces new ways to improve the accuracy of answers provided, as well as the likelihood of receiving an answer from the community. AWS re:Post automatically connects your question with subject matter experts, and is also integrated with AWS Support. Customers with AWS Premium Support subscriptions receive responses from AWS employees for questions that are not answered by the community.

AWS re:Post is part of the AWS Free Tier and is available to anyone with an AWS account at