Posted On: Dec 2, 2021

We’re happy to announce that the AWS SDK for Swift is now in developer preview. The AWS SDK for Swift has been designed from the ground-up to provide idiomatic support for Swift’s concise syntax, multi platform capabilities, and features extensions to take advantage of Swift’s new concurrency features. This initial release supports iOS, macOS and Linux, with support for other platforms such as tvOS, watchOS, Catalyst, and Windows coming in the future.

The AWS SDK for Swift enables developers to build a wide variety of applications in the Swift language with AWS services. In this release, we provide support for 268 services including S3, DynamoDB, and Lambda to name a few. Constructing clients and requests and invoking calls to AWS can be done with async/await syntax using Swift 5.5+

Since this is a preview release, we are providing this SDK for evaluation purposes. We expect our public APIs to change somewhat before a general availability launch as we gather customer feedback and learn what is most important to Swift developers.

To get started with the AWS SDK for Swift, take a look at our Getting Started Guide. and Product Detail Page. Learn where the project is headed on our Roadmap, or provide feedback and see source code at our GitHub project page.