Posted On: Dec 1, 2021

Today, we are excited to announce a new and simplified out-of-box AWS IoT connectivity experience that can be implemented on two partner-provided FreeRTOS Reference Integration boards: the STM32L4+ and the ESP32-C3. 

It is now possible for IoT developers to quickly connect their devices to AWS IoT Core in minutes. The process does not require a cloud account, nor lengthy registration and configuration steps. After unwrapping and powering up the evaluation board, visit the FreeRTOS Quick Connect page and with only a few clicks, download the demo application and start sending sensor data to the cloud to be immediately visualized via the new graphical interface. After successfully connecting the device through this first experience, you will be guided through simple project customization steps, adding new sensor inputs, and eventually on to master the complete IoT device development with FreeRTOS.

To get started, select a partner-provided board from the supported FreeRTOS reference integrations and begin experimenting and developing new AWS IoT applications. Reach out to us on the FreeRTOS forums to leave comments or to request to extend the experience to additional FreeRTOS qualified boards!