Posted On: Jan 5, 2022

Amazon EMR on EKS now provides additional error messages as part of the DescribeJobRun API to enable you to easily debug your failed jobs. With this release, EMR on EKS provides detailed error messages, information which we determined to be the underlying reason for the job failure, in state details in DescribeJobRun API response.

Amazon EMR on EKS users use the DescribeJobRun API to retrieve detailed information such as log location about a particular job. Previously, to debug failures, users needed to download logs from their chosen log location and parse them, a process that often took minutes. As part of this release, Amazon EMR on EKS now adds the relevant error message from your Spark application driver pod logs to the DescribeJobRun API response. Users will no longer have to download and view logs to understand the reason for the job failure in the majority of job failures. With this feature, debugging your failed jobs will now take seconds.

This enhancement is available by default in all Amazon EMR on EKS releases. To  learn more, please visit our documentation.