Posted On: Jan 18, 2022

AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery (AWS DRS) now supports automated, scalable failback to vCenter servers. The new DRS Mass Failback Automation client (DRSFA client) offers additional flexibility and speed for large-scale failback. It allows you to fail back multiple vCenter servers to your primary vCenter environment at the same time. Using the DRSFA client, you can fail back all of your Recovery instances or a subset of Recovery instances.

AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery is the recommended service for disaster recovery to AWS. It helps you minimize downtime and data loss with fast, reliable disaster recovery. You can use AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery to recover all of your applications and databases that run on supported Windows and Linux operating system versions. With AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery, you can recover your applications on AWS from physical infrastructure, VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V, and cloud infrastructure.

In the event of a disruption, you can use AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery to recover applications on AWS within minutes. Your applications run natively on AWS until you have resolved the issue in your primary environment and you are ready to fail back your recovered applications. You can use the new DRSFA client to automate failback of your Recovery instances to your vCenter environment. When you use the DRSFA client, you can select “One-click failback” to fail back all Recovery instances in your AWS account to their original source servers. Alternatively, you can select “Custom failback” to fail back a subset of your Recovery instances or for other customized settings.

To learn more about Mass Failback Automation using AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery, visit our documentation. To get started, sign in to the AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery Console to start replicating servers.