Posted On: Jan 12, 2022

AWS IoT SiteWise Edge allows you to define edge data storage strategies to prevent loss of operational data while disconnected (up to 30 days) as well as choosing a data upload strategy to the cloud upon re-connection. Application data uploaded to the cloud is often time critical, where values beyond a certain age may not be relevant for short term actions. Conversely, older historical data can be important in diagnosing long term trends and diving deep into equipment operational performance for non-time critical applications.

When there is loss of communication between the edge and the cloud, AWS IoT SiteWise Edge already buffers incoming data locally for up to 30 days. Building upon this capability, AWS IoT SiteWise Edge now allows you to optimize local edge data storage and subsequent data upload to the cloud. There are 4 parameters related to configuration - cutoff period, rotation period, retention period and storage size. A cutoff time period is configured beyond which data not relevant for near-real time cloud applications is stored locally. This data is batched into files on the local edge storage periodically as configured by the rotation period setting. The retention period configuration defines the maximum length of time these batched files will be stored at the edge. The maximum local storage size configuration ensures that your local data storage respects the limits of your edge device hardware. Upon re-connection to the cloud, you have the flexibility to decide if locally buffered data less than the cutoff period is uploaded in the order it was originally received (time order) or uploaded with the most recent data first. After a loss of connectivity, you can prioritize the newest data coming from edge to ensure continuity of operation in the cloud. This would enable time sensitive applications such as monitoring equipment for faults in near real time to ensure they can function efficiently even with intermittent connectivity. The additional data within the cutoff window is uploaded with a lower priority. This capability is supported for both our IoT SiteWise Edge Collection and Data Processing packs. For more details, please visit the IoT SiteWise Publisher configuration pages.

Data Upload Prioritization is available in the following regions: US East (N. Virginia), US West (Oregon), EU (Ireland), EU (Frankfurt), Asia Pacific (Mumbai), Asia Pacific (Seoul), Asia Pacific (Singapore), Asia Pacific (Sydney), Asia Pacific (Tokyo) and AWS GovCloud (US West).

To get started, see the Creating a gateway - publisher configuration section in the AWS IoT SiteWise User Guide.