Posted On: Feb 2, 2022

Amazon Comprehend now supports model copy functionality which allows customers to copy Comprehend custom classification or custom entity recognition models from a source AWS account to a designated target AWS account in the same AWS region. Enterprise customers and AWS partners often use multiple AWS accounts that are provisioned based on development phases (e.g. build, test, stage, deploy), based on a business function (e.g. data science, engineering), or combination of both. Previously, custom Comprehend models could only be used in the AWS account in which it was trained. This required customers to copy their training dataset and annotations into each AWS account and train a separate model – which is time consuming, expensive, and reduces overall deployment speed.

Starting today, the model copy feature allows customers to copy Comprehend custom models from one AWS account to another - without copying or requiring access to the original training or test data. This feature allows AWS partners to develop and optimize a model in a development account before importing a production-ready model to their customers. Enterprise customers with global operations can quickly scale in each region and ensure parity and consistency across business units by leveraging the same model. Customers in regulated industries (i.e. financial services, insurance), who often separate AWS accounts for testing and production due to security reasons, can stay compliant by sharing models without sharing sensitive data. These models can optionally be KMS encrypted for additional security.

To copy a model from AWS Account A to Account B, the user in Account A will first create a resource-based IAM policy for the model to define the accounts/users/roles that are authorized to import the source model. The user in Account B will then use the AWS management console, AWS CLI, or the boto3 APIs to call the ImportModel API to copy the trained custom model from Account A to B. To learn more and get started, visit the Amazon Comprehend product page or our documentation.