Posted On: Feb 24, 2022

Amazon GuardDuty is now available in the AWS Asia Pacific (Jakarta) Region. It is a threat detection service that continuously monitors your AWS accounts and workloads for malicious activity and delivers detailed security findings for visibility and remediation.

Available globally, Amazon GuardDuty continuously monitors for malicious or unauthorized behavior to help protect your AWS resources, including your AWS accounts, access keys, data stored in Amazon S3, and workloads on Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS). GuardDuty can identify unusual or unauthorized activity like crypto-currency mining, access to data stores in S3 from unusual locations, infrastructure deployments in a region that has never been used, and detect threats related to user and application activity captured in Kubernetes audit logs. GuardDuty continually evolves its techniques to identify indicators of compromise, such as updating machine learning (ML) models, adding new anomaly detections, and growing integrated threat intelligence to identify and prioritize potential threats.

You can begin your 30-day free trial (see Amazon GuardDuty Free Trial) of Amazon GuardDuty with a single-click in the AWS Management Console. Please see the AWS Regions page for all the regions where GuardDuty is available. To learn more. To receive programmatic updates on new GuardDuty features and threat detections, subscribe to the Amazon GuardDuty SNS topic.