Posted On: Feb 22, 2022

Announcing Amazon QuickSight’s new Community hub, which will allow authors and admins to have a centralized hub for getting started with QuickSight, deepening QuickSight knowledge, or connecting with other QuickSight users. This means users no longer need to search many different resources for learning resources or in order to get in touch with other QuickSight customers.

The QuickSight Community has three main sections: 1) Question and Answer (discussion forum for QuickSight-related questions), 2) Learning center (with how to videos, workshop videos, articles, links to other educational resources), and 3) Announcements (compiling the latest QuickSight-related what’s new posts, blog posts, new feature videos, monthly newsletters). To get started with the QuickSight Community, users can either navigate directly to the Community or click on the link from the QuickSight user interface. Users can browse the QuickSight Community without any credentials needed, and are only required to login to post content.