Posted On: Feb 25, 2022

AWS Amplify is announcing the general availability of the Authenticator UI library for Flutter. Using the Authenticator UI library, Flutter developers can create a login/registration experience in minutes. When a developer adds the Authentication category and sets the authorization and verification attributes from the Amplify CLI or Amplify Studio, the Authenticator login/registration forms are displayed accordingly. Developers can also apply custom theming to the Authenticator forms, and override validations on login/signup fields. Developers can also add/remove the profile attribute fields used in the sign up form.

Developers wrap their app's main widget in the Authenticator widget and their users will be redirected to its child widget automatically when they sign in. Flutter developers can add support for social login providers such as Amazon, Sign in with Apple, Facebook, and Google, by setting up their Amplify backend through the Amplify CLI and by following the steps in the Amplify quick-start guides. Once the backend is configured, Authenticator automatically handles showing the social provider login buttons, and the login/registration logic in their Flutter app. Amplify Authenticator also utilizes localization, which allows developers to configure their desired locales, and the text that needs to be shown for each of them.