Posted On: Feb 28, 2022

We are excited to announce the unified AWS Health Dashboard, a new destination that brings together the AWS Service Health Dashboard and Personal Health Dashboard into a single connected experience. This new home is designed to provide a more responsive and accurate view, improved usability, and greater operational resilience.

If you pay a visit to the AWS Health Dashboard, you still get an overview of AWS service health. However, this page has been updated to follow the latest AWS design standards, including a searchable history of events, automatic in-line refresh, a more mobile-friendly experience, and faster page load times. Customers looking for a more personalized view of events can sign in to the AWS Health Dashboard to see an account-specific view. This shows you all the events that you have access to - both personalized and general events about overall service availability.

The AWS Health Dashboard also provides a more responsive view in the scenario when multiple AWS services are affected by a common underlying root cause. Previously, you would have seen multiple posts from AWS services in parallel. Now, you will now see one overarching communication with impacted services tagged to the summary. This accelerates AWS’s ability to denote a service as impacted, helping you inform your incident management process faster. You can also quickly understand which impacted services are related to a single incident.

You can use the new feedback feature in the footer of the AWS Health Dashboard to share your thoughts on the redesigned experience. The AWS Health Dashboard is available in all public AWS Regions. To see the new experience, click here. This iteration is the first in a series of changes throughout 2022 that will continue to enhance your visibility into service and resource health.