Posted On: Feb 14, 2022

Amazon Elastic File System (Amazon EFS) now supports sub-millisecond read latencies for all new and existing One Zone and Standard General Purpose file systems. Latency-sensitive applications such as content management systems, analytics, DevOps, and machine learning inference can now achieve read latencies as low as 600 microseconds on average.

Amazon EFS is a simple, serverless, set-and-forget, elastic file system that makes it easy to set up, scale, and cost-optimize file storage in the AWS Cloud. It is built to scale on demand to store petabytes of data without disrupting applications, growing and shrinking automatically as you add and remove files, eliminating the need to provision and manage capacity to accommodate growth. Amazon EFS can elastically scale to be consumed from tens of thousands of connections from any AWS compute including Amazon EC2 instances, serverless functions, and containers.

Sub-millisecond read latencies are available in all AWS Regions where Amazon EFS is available with no action required.

To learn more, read the AWS News blog post, the EFS documentation, and create a file system in a single-click using the Amazon EFS Console.