Posted On: Mar 11, 2022

Amazon EventBridge’s updated console capabilities are now generally available in all AWS regions where EventBridge is available. Customers can use these new capabilities improve the experience of testing and configuring event patterns, transform events, and set up rules and targets.

EventBridge Rules allow customers to filter which events should be sent to a target. Customers can specify fields within Event Patterns, and if an incoming event matches the fields, the event gets sent to the target. In some cases, customers need to change the structure of an event before EventBridge passes it to a target of a rule. To do this, customers use the EventBridge Input Transformer to specify the how the event should be changed. To make it easier to build and test Event Patterns and Input Transformers, we’ve added a new Sandbox section to the console.

With the new console improvements include you can:

  • Visit the new Sandbox and validate if AWS sample events or your own custom events match against set event patterns in the Event Pattern tab
  • Use the Input Transformation tab in the Sandbox to create a template to transform or customize your event data before EventBridge passes the event to the target of a rule. This page allows customers to create an input template, which specifies the information you want to pass to a target, and generate the output.
  • Monitor your Amazon CloudWatch metrics directly from the EventBridge Rules page
  • View important information about targets, such as input transformation, dead-letter queues, and retry settings, all on one page
  • Use a wizard experience to create rules and validate your configuration at each step
  • Configure more options for scheduled rules
  • Enable archive and schemas through a toggle when creating an event bus

To access the EventBridge console, click here.