Posted On: Mar 7, 2022

Today, we announced the Amazon Genomics CLI has added Snakemake to its catalog of workflow management tools for genomics analysis, which also includes Cromwell, Nextflow, and miniWDL.

Inspired by GNU Make, Snakemake specifies workflows as rules that breakdown the workflow into smaller steps of dependencies. Snakemake automatically determines dependencies between rules and also provides additional controls via python-based rule definition syntactic structures. The benefits of reproducibility and transparency that workflow management tools, like Snakemake, provide are realized at scale via the Amazon Genomics CLI. Amazon Genomics CLI simplifies and automates the deployment of cloud resources like workflow engines and compute clusters, providing genomics and life science customers with an easy-to-use command line to quickly setup and run genomics workflows on Amazon Web Services (AWS). By removing the heavy lifting from setting up and running genomics workflows in the cloud, software developers and researchers can automatically provision, configure and scale cloud resources to enable faster and more cost-effective population-level genetics studies, drug discovery cycles, and more.

Amazon Genomics CLI is available on most commercial regions at launch except the AWS China regions, AWS GovCloud (US), and Air-gapped regions.

To learn more about and get started with Amazon Genomics CLI and the supported workflow tools, visit: