Amazon Genomics CLI

Easily and efficiently process raw genomics and biological data in the cloud, at petabyte scale.

With a few command lines, set up workflow engines like Cromwell and Nextflow on AWS in minutes without changing existing code or modifying open-source genomics tools.

Automate time consuming tasks like configuring and deploying workflow engines, creating data access policies, and tuning compute clusters for operation at scale.

Run genomics workflows at higher scale and in less time, reducing the time to acquire useful insights like variant identification and disease diagnosis.

The Amazon Genomics CLI project code is no longer actively maintained and the Github repository will be archived as of May 31, 2024. If you are looking for a service to run your genomics workflows, we recommend exploring AWS HealthOmics or reaching out to your AWS account team for alternative solutions.

How it works

Amazon Genomics CLI is an open source tool for genomics and life science customers that simplifies and automates the deployment of cloud infrastructure, providing you with an easy-to-use command line interface to quickly setup and run genomics workflows on Amazon Web Services (AWS) specified by languages like WDL. By removing the heavy lifting from setting up and running genomics workflows in the cloud, software developers and researchers can automatically provision, configure and scale cloud resources to enable faster and more cost-effective population-level genetics studies, drug discovery cycles, and more.

Use cases

Precision Medicine

Enable the analysis of genomic sequencing data and apply findings in a clinical setting to improve human health. At the population level, identify groups susceptible to developing a particular health problem or carriers during a pathogen outbreak.

Drug Discovery and Development

Leverage human genetics and knowledge of gene functions to enable development of preventive treatments and novel drug discovery.

Environmental Genomics

Use genomic sequencing data to characterize biodiversity, monitor ecosystem changes, and model predictions of how organisms will respond at the genetic level to changes at the environmental level.

How to get started

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