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Q: What is Amazon Genomics CLI?

A: Amazon Genomics CLI is an open source tool for genomics and life science customers to quickly setup and run genomics workflows on AWS, at petabyte scale. Genomics CLI makes it easy for software developers and researchers to automatically provision, configure, and scale cloud resources to run genomic specific processes. This tool includes support for spot instances so that customers get the lowest costs possible. 

Q: How do I get started with Amazon Genomics CLI?

A: Go to the GitHub repository to download Amazon Genomics CLI and get instructions on how to get started. 

Q. In which AWS Regions is Amazon Genomics CLI available?

A: Amazon Genomics CLI is available on most commercial regions at launch except AWS GovCloud (US), China, and Air-gapped regions (regions without network connectivity to the internet).

Q. How does Amazon Genomics CLI work with other AWS services?

A. Amazon Genomics CLI provisions AWS storage and compute services such as Amazon Simple Storage Services (S3), Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon Elastic File System (EFS), Amazon FSx for Lustre, Amazon Elastic Container Services (ECS), AWS Fargate, and AWS Batch on customers’ AWS account to create environments for running open-source tools like Cromwell, MiniWDL, Nextflow and the Genomic Analysis Toolkit (GATK) so researchers can focus on the science, instead of tuning tools and setting up infrastructure to run them. 

Q. How much does Amazon Genomics CLI cost?

A. Amazon Genomics CLI is a free open source tool. You will be charged for the actual use of AWS resources provisioned by the CLI.  The core infrastructure that Amazon Genomics CLI needs to operate includes S3, VPC, and ECS microservice.  Please refer to the user guide for more details.