Posted On: Mar 16, 2022

Starting today, Amazon Route 53 supports Geolocation and Latency-Based routing policies for Private DNS, enabling customers to route traffic for their private hosted zones based on the location of the source query or based on the route that provides the best latency with optimal round-trip time.

Route 53 Private DNS allows customers to create custom domain names for internal AWS resources within their Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs) without exposing DNS data to the public Internet. Before today, customers could only configure Geolocation and Latency-Based routing policies for Public DNS. With this launch, customers can now create these routing policies for Private DNS as well. Geolocation routing enables customers to choose the resources that serve their traffic based on the geographic location of their users. Customers can use this feature to localize content or restrict distribution of content to only the locations for which they have distribution rights. Latency-based routing enables customers to improve performance for their users by serving requests from the AWS Region that provides the lowest latency.

To learn more, visit the Route 53 documentation for additional details and our Route 53 product page for pricing information.