Posted On: Mar 10, 2022

Amazon Lightsail Object Storage provides you with the ability to store your static content such as images, videos or HTML files that can be used for your websites and applications. Effective immediately, the account-level block public access setting in Amazon S3 applies to buckets in the Lightsail object storage service. We are making this change to improve the security of all of your buckets; whether they are in Amazon S3 or in Lightsail. Adding S3 block public access (BPA) settings to your account protects you from unintentionally exposing data in your bucket to the public internet. When account-level BPA is enabled, buckets and objects become "private" (not accessible to anyone on the internet), regardless of the bucket-access permissions currently configured for those buckets and objects.

If you do not have account-level BPA enabled for Amazon S3, there will be no change to your Lightsail bucket and object access settings. We recommend that you sign in to the Lightsail console to confirm the current access settings for your buckets. If you use S3, you should also sign in to the Amazon S3 console to confirm whether account-level BPA is enabled. To learn more about blocking public access to your Lightsail object storage and S3 buckets see the articles on Block public access for buckets in Amazon Lightsail in the Lightsail Developer Guide and Blocking public access to your Amazon S3 storage in the Amazon S3 User Guide.