Posted On: Mar 7, 2022

Today, we are announcing the Developer Preview of the Amplify iOS Library that has been rewritten to exclusively use Swift. This initial release enables Swift developers to add cloud-based app features, including Auth, Storage, Data, and APIs, without having to transition to Objective-C to debug or contribute to the underlying open-source code. In coming releases, we plan to add support for additional Amplify use cases, as well as Swift-based language features like structured concurrency.

This release also includes rearchitected Auth (sign-up/sign-in) and Storage (file upload/download) workflows that provide better debuggabilty and visibility into underlying state management. We have also taken this opportunity to remove calls to deprecated Apple APIs. Finally, we have layered the new library on the new AWS SDK for Swift that was released as Developer Preview last year. This allows developers to use Amplify’s use case-centric APIs—like Auth and DataStore—and use the AWS SDK for Swift for a breadth of service-centric APIs.

To get started, follow the Getting Started guide here. You can also quickly get started by using our Photo Sharing Sample App. We deeply appreciate your feedback on this Developer Preview as we work towards our General Availability launch: GitHub Discussion or File a Bug Report.