Posted On: Apr 5, 2022

Amazon EC2 Console introduces the new and improved launch experience - a quicker and easier way to launch an instance. The new design provides a single page layout allowing you to view all your settings in one location. You no longer need to navigate back and forth between steps to ensure your configuration is correct. The new design also introduces a summary panel, that provides an overview and helps navigate the page.  

The new inline AMI selector provides a simpler way of selecting an OS and version. It also displays your recently used AMIs so that you can quickly select frequently used AMIs. The compare instance types page allows you to search, sort and filter by various instance type attributes, thus making it easier to decide which instance type to use. The new design also introduces simple and advanced views, helping you launch an instance without having to learn about advanced concepts that are not needed for your use cases.  

This new experience is available in all AWS Regions except AWS GovCloud (US) Region and AWS China Regions. Customers can choose to revert back to the old experience, or switch between the two experiences. The new experience will be made the default over the next month starting April 5, 2022. To learn more, please refer to the documentation here.