Posted On: Apr 12, 2022

Today, Amazon Elastic Container Registry Public (ECR Public) is announcing changes to the gallery including navigation breadcrumbs, copying of image identifier from dropdown, addition of publisher alias to the image name, and updates to repository not found page. These changes simplify the experience of discovering and pulling images, thus resulting in less time spent in identifying and pulling the images.

Every page in ECR Public now incorporates navigation breadcrumbs to make it easier for you to know your exact position in the gallery. Repository names now include publisher’s alias to quickly identify images from trusted publishers. Copying of specific image identifier is simplified with the addition of dropdown menu. Now you can select and copy an image identifier from all available image tags in the repository directly from the dropdown. Repository not found page now contains explanation about why you are seeing the page. Placement and representation of verified account and architecture information has been changed to make this information readily available on the repository page.  

To learn more about ECR Public, you can see our documentation here.