Posted On: May 9, 2022

Amazon EC2 now emits notifications to Amazon CloudWatch Events for a variety of Amazon Machine Image (AMI) actions such as creation, registration and de-registration. With CloudWatch Events (CWE), you can establish rules that initiate programmatic actions in response to these changes.

This feature delivers a near real-time stream of AMI system events and enables push notifications. Customers can use CloudWatch Events to initiate actions for intended next steps after AMI actions, such as updating their AMI inventory, sharing the AMI, making copies or launching instances using the AMI. Using rules, these events can be routed to various targets including AWS Lambda functions, Amazon SNS topics, Amazon SQS queues, Amazon Kinesis streams, and other built-in targets.

This feature is available in all AWS Regions. To learn more about CloudWatch Events for AMIs, please refer to the documentation here.