Posted On: May 24, 2022

AWS AppSync is a fully managed service that enables developers to build digital experiences based on real-time data. With AppSync, you can easily configure data sources to push and publish real-time data updates to subscribed clients. AppSync handles connection management, scalability, fan-out and broadcasting, allowing you to focus on your application business needs instead of managing complex infrastructure.

AWS AppSync introduces a new simplified “Getting Started” experience in the console that allows customers to easily deploy a generic Pub/Sub API with a click of a button. Now, developers can start leveraging AppSync’s subscriptions with no or very little knowledge of GraphQL to deploy APIs for users to publish data and subscribe to receiving data in real-time. The new experience allows developers to download an auto-generated configuration and code that they can quickly integrate in their existing code base. The resulting generic pub/sub API can be added to an existing app to enable real-time updates, without changing how the app interacts with existing APIs or data sources. For developers just getting started, the experience also provides a code snippet that shows how to leverage the auto-generate code.

This new experience is available in all AWS Regions where AppSync is available. For more information about building real-time APIs with websockets using AppSync subscriptions, visit our blog post, and our documentation.