Posted On: May 31, 2022

AWS Marketplace introduces free trials for SaaS contracts so you can try products before you buy them. Previously, customers would either need to commit to a contract before trying the product, or go to third-party websites for free trials offered by software vendors directly.

With this release, you can discover SaaS contract products that offer free trials, review usage terms and trial duration, and start a free trial in a few clicks directly in AWS Marketplace. SaaS contract free trials do not require an upfront payment, allowing you to evaluate software without a commitment. During the trial period you can choose to subscribe to the available public offer, or negotiate a private offer with the seller. SaaS contract free trials won’t automatically convert into paid agreements, so if you decide that the product is not the right fit, you can simply let the free trial expire.

To explore and try SaaS products available for a free trial, visit AWS Marketplace. If you are a seller looking to offer a free trial of your SaaS product listed in AWS Marketplace, visit the ‘Offers’ page in AWS Marketplace Management Portal, and explore additional instruction in the Seller Guide.