Posted On: Jun 21, 2022

Amazon QuickSight launches custom subtotals at all levels on Pivot Table. QuickSight authors can now customize how subtotals are displayed in Pivot Table, with options to display subtotals for last level, all levels or selected level. This customization is available for both rows and columns. To learn more about custom subtotals, see here.

Additionally, Amazon QuickSight introduces ability to show/hide columns for Pivot Table. QuickSight authors can now hide column, row and value fields in Pivot Table similar to that of Table to support advanced analysis use cases from the fields well context menu.

Using the show/hide column feature, Authors can hide unwanted columns which are often used for custom actions for interactivity and provide a better visual presentation. The newly added context menu options provides Readers the ability to export both visible and hidden data fields to Excel and CSV which can be controlled by the authors with the new advance publishing option. For further details, visit here.