Posted On: Jun 21, 2022

We are excited to announce the general availability of hardware connectivity modules powered by AWS IoT ExpressLink, which are developed and offered by AWS Partners such as Espressif, Infineon, and u-blox. These modules enable easy AWS cloud-connectivity and implement AWS-mandated security requirements for device to cloud connections. Integrating these wireless modules into their hardware design, customers can now accelerate the development of their Internet of Things (IoT) products, including consumer products, industrial and agricultural sensors and controllers.

Developers of all skill levels can now quickly and easily transform their products into IoT devices without having to merge large amounts of code or have a deep understanding of the underlying implementation. The connectivity modules come pre-provisioned with security credentials, allowing you to off-load complex networking and cryptography tasks to the module and develop IoT products that connect securely to the cloud in weeks rather than months. Through seamless integration with a range of AWS IoT services such as AWS IoT Core, AWS IoT Device Shadow, and more, modules that use AWS IoT ExpressLink can easily access over 200 AWS cloud services.

The price of a module with AWS IoT ExpressLink is set by the respective AWS Partner who manufactures the module. Only pay for the add-on AWS services you use for connecting and managing your application in the cloud.

Get started by evaluating which AWS IoT ExpressLink module is right for you by purchasing a developer kit from a participating partner in the AWS Partner Device Catalog. You can use sample codes for integrating an AWS IoT ExpressLink module into an application. These examples are intended to demonstrate how to perform the common operations for an IoT device.

To learn more, visit the AWS IoT ExpressLink product page.