Posted On: Jun 28, 2022

As of today, you can experience the new interface for creating support cases in the AWS Support Center console. When you create a case, Support Center can better anticipate and understand your issue by capturing your case details. Support Center can then provide targeted and specific remediation, such as answers to frequently asked questions and links for related information.

We updated the create case experience from a single page layout to a simplified 3-step process that guides you through the create case flow.

First, you choose your case type. Next, you enter additional information to describe your case. Finally, you choose how you want to be contacted.

Each step will collect rich information relevant to your problem, provide highly relevant and actionable recommendations during case creation, and enable our support agents to resolve your case efficiently with fewer correspondences.

The new create case experience is now available to all AWS customers at no additional cost. For more information, see the AWS Support documentation.