Posted On: Jun 29, 2022

Developers can now access Amazon CloudWatch Logs within Visual Studio using the AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio. Directly from the IDE, it is now possible to search and filter log groups, log streams, and events. Additionally, log groups can be accessed from their associated resources, and log events can be downloaded to a file.

The AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio makes it easier to create, debug, and deploy .NET applications on Amazon Web Services using Visual Studio. The latest release of the toolkit includes several convenient CloudWatch logs features. Visual Studio users can list CloudWatch Log groups from the CloudWatch Logs node in the AWS Explorer. Individual log groups can be opened in a document tab, where you can view the log group’s streams, as well as export stream events to a local file. While viewing a log stream, you can search and filter log messages using keywords or phrases, such as "Exception" or "Error". You can also search using a time range, to see events that led up to and resulted from the error you were searching. Check out the Toolkit User Guide for more details.

Install the AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio or update to the latest version to use this feature. Issues and feature requests can be submitted on the AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio’s GitHub repo.