Posted On: Jun 30, 2022

Amplify UI is an open-source UI library that brings the simplicity and extensibility of AWS Amplify to UI development. It consists of connected components that simplify complex workflows like authentication and dynamic data, primitive components that form the building blocks to create consistency across applications, and themes to make Amplify UI to fit any brand.

Extensibility and customization are at the forefront of Amplify UI allowing easy integration into any application regardless of the front-end tech stack. With over 35 production-ready components, you can use Amplify UI as a foundation to build any application or design system.

Amplify UI offers a number of key features

  • Minimal dependencies so you can use it with your favorite styling framework, use plain CSS, or go un-styled.
  • Figma UI kit and theming plugin available for all the primitive components. Convert the Figma components to React components in Amplify Studio.
  • Accessibility best practices (WCAG and WAI-ARIA) such as color contrast, keyboard navigation, accessible labels, and focus management are built-in.
  • Seamless developer experience with first-class Typescript support.
  • Powerful theming capabilities allow you to make Amplify UI look like your brand.

To get started, please visit Amplify UI.