Posted On: Jul 11, 2022

re:Post has launched a new functionality for community members to add a profile picture or avatar to their account. re:Post members will now be able to better personalize their accounts by uploading a photo or image of their choice. The ability to add a profile image creates a visual identifier for the account and helps members form connections, build relationships, and foster learning in the community.

re:Post also introduces a functionality for community members to add inline images within questions and answers. Using this feature, members can now enhance the content they post with architectural diagrams and screenshots. Having the ability to add inline images as supporting content to posts enables members to represent their ideas better, which will help other community members provide inputs and guide the author toward resolution. Members can add the following acceptable images and profile pictures: max 2MiB and file types of .jpg, .jpeg, or .png that comply with the re:Post Community Guidelines

Profile pictures and inline images are now available. To start uploading your profile picture or adding supporting images to your content, visit re:Post.