Posted On: Aug 11, 2022

Amazon CloudWatch Synthetics, an outside-in monitoring capability to continually verify your customer experience even when you don’t have any customer traffic on your applications, introduced a new capability to create custom groups of canaries. By creating a group of canaries, you can track success/failure status at a group or application level yet with an easy drill down to the failing canary, making it easier to pinpoint the canary failures in the context of the group or application. When groups consist of canaries across multiple AWS regions, this new capability allows you to more easily isolate region-specific issues.

Some commonly used group combinations include creating groups of canaries for business critical and non-business critical workflows. For example - If you have a payment gateway service that has a subset of services that needs to be monitored to ensure the third-party payment gateway service is available, you can set up a paymentgateWay-canarygroup and add all the canaries pertaining to this transaction to the group. This will allow you to identify and isolate individual canary failures in the payment gateway amongst the tens or hundreds of other canaries in your AWS Account. There is no additional cost to create canary groups. 

You can add canaries to a new canary group from the Amazon CloudWatch Management Console by clicking the ‘Create Group’ and searching for canaries available within the AWS Account. To learn more, visit the AWS documentation for CloudWatch Synthetics.