Posted On: Aug 12, 2022

AWS DeepRacer Student, presented by Intel, is the first global autonomous racing league for students offering free educational material and resources to get hands on with machine learning (ML) by powering a 1/18th scale race car driven by reinforcement learning. Now available are student community races and additional learning content diving into the OpenVINO™ toolkit by Intel on machine learning inference.

With AWS DeepRacer Student community races, educators and event organizers can now create their own private virtual race and invite students to compete through the AWS DeepRacer console. Educators can select their own track, race date, time, and invite students to participate through a unique link for their event. Students can participate in the community race through AWS DeepRacer Student, where they will have monthly access to 10 hours of model training and 5 GB of storage to train their ML models at no cost. Hosting a community race will help educators turn theory into hands on learning by giving educators an exciting way to engage students to apply their ML skills, compete against peers, and customize a race to best fit their learning outcomes.

In addition, students can access new learning content to advance their ML knowledge further on model inference and model optimization with a deep dive into how the AWS DeepRacer vehicle works. The new learning module walks students through the process of machine learning inference, its challenges in real world applications, and its role in powering the AWS DeepRacer vehicle. Students can further explore the use of model optimization and the process through the OpenVINO™ toolkit (Open Visual Inferencing and Neural Network Optimization), Intel’s developer toolkit for machine learning inference.

Bring hands on learning to the tracks by setting up a student community race today in the AWS DeepRacer console and invite students to level up their ML knowledge with exclusive learning content available through AWS DeepRacer Student

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