Posted On: Sep 28, 2022

With Amazon EBS Snapshots, customers can now archive 25 snapshots concurrently to the Snapshots Archive tier by default, an increase from 5. This default limit increase makes it easier to move snapshots to the Snapshot Archive tier at scale.

EBS Snapshots Archive provides a low-cost storage tier to archive full, point-in-time copies of EBS Snapshots that you must retain for 90 days or more for regulatory and compliance reasons, or for future project releases. Customers use Snapshots Archive to save up to 75% on snapshot storage costs when archiving from the standard snapshots tier. With the new default limit, customers can now move more of their rarely accessed snapshots to the EBS Snapshots Archive at the same time, without requesting a service quota limit increase.

The new default limit applies to all AWS Regions where EBS Snapshots Archive is available. The higher default limit is automatically reflected in your account. If your account already has an approved limit for in-progress snapshot archives per account that is higher than 25, you will continue to have your higher approved limit. If you require more than 25 in-progress snapshot archives per account in a region, you can submit a limit increase request using the AWS Support Center. For more information, please see our documentation on Amazon EBS limits and on EBS Snapshots Archive.