Posted On: Sep 27, 2022

AWS customers can now download and use the latest version, v1.22, of AWS Copilot, a command line interface (CLI) for containerized applications. AWS Copilot makes it easier for customers to build, deploy, and operate containerized applications on AWS by providing a common application architecture and infrastructure patterns, user-friendly operational workflows, and set up of continuous delivery pipelines. The new release helps Copilot users leverage IAM permission boundaries to comply with their organization’s security requirements and service control policies, build event-driven services when order of operations and events is critical, and achieve a low-latency content delivery for their public HTTPS web services.

With the new AWS Copilot release (v1.22), users now can enable IAM permission boundaries for their applications by passing an IAM policy name to the --permissions-boundary flag of the app init CLI command. With this, Copilot will properly configure the IAM permission boundaries for all IAM roles it creates, enabling companies with service control policies to use Copilot. In addition, this release adds support for FIFO SNS/SQS for the Copilot worker-service pattern. This feature allows users to create their ordered publish subscribe architecture using Amazon SNS FIFO and SQS FIFO. And finally, with v1.22, customers can leverage Amazon CloudFront for low-latency content delivery and fast TLS-termination for public load-balanced web services. Customers can add cdn.tls_termination: true to an environment’s manifest file to enable the feature.

Download the new AWS Copilot v1.22 release directly from our GitHub page or follow a Getting Started Guide.