Posted On: Sep 29, 2022

Today, AWS X-Ray adds support for tracing end-to-end requests in PHP applications via the AWS Distro for OpenTelemetry (ADOT) in public preview. ADOT is a secure, AWS-supported distribution of the OpenTelemetry project. With this launch, you can now use the OpenTelemetry PHP SDK to instrument your PHP applications for tracing with X-Ray. X-Ray will help you to visualize and debug your distributed PHP applications in the CloudWatch console with its service map and trace analytics tools.

Customers can now use the AWS-supported OpenTelemetry components necessary to export trace data to AWS X-Ray, such as the X-Ray ID generator, X-Ray propagator, and resource detectors for Amazon ECS, Amazon EKS, Amazon EC2, and AWS Lambda services. Customers can also use the AWS SDK for PHP to trace requests made to the AWS SDK without the need to manually record each request. By using ADOT, applications can be easily configured to export traces to AWS X-Ray.

To get started with instrumenting your PHP applications for AWS X-Ray, see the following resources:

1. Visit the AWS Distro for OpenTelemetry PHP documentation
2. Set up the ADOT PHP sample app, which includes a working example of instrumenting AWS SDK calls and viewing a service map in the X-Ray console
3. Visit the ADOT developer portal and download the latest release of the ADOT Collector