Posted On: Sep 14, 2022

With direct VPC routing for AWS Outposts rack, you can now directly use the VPC private IP address of an Amazon EC2 instance on Outposts rack to communicate with your on-premises network. This new direct VPC routing mode is an alternative to the Customer-owned IP (CoIP) routing mode where Outposts rack uses a separate IP address pool provided by you from your on-premises network.

Until today, during an Outposts rack installation, you had to provide a separate IP address range/CIDR from your on-premises network for AWS to create an address pool, known as a CoIP pool. When an EC2 instance on your Outposts rack needed to communicate with your on-premises network, Outposts rack would perform a 1:1 network address translation (NAT) from the VPC private IP address to a CoIP address in the CoIP pool. Outposts rack now supports a new direct VPC routing mode where you can simply use the VPC private IP of the EC2 instance for routing traffic between your Outpost and your on-premises network. 

Direct VPC routing is available in all AWS Regions where Outposts rack is supported. You can choose CoIP or direct VPC routing mode depending on your local network needs. Outposts rack will continue to support CoIP mode for those who prefer to use separate on-premises IP ranges for routing in on-premises networks.

Visit the AWS Outposts racks website and user guide for more details. To get started, visit the AWS Management Console.