Posted On: Sep 22, 2022

We are excited to launch the AWS Smart City Competency to provide best-in-class partner recommendations to our customers and broader market. With cities at the front line of economic, social, and global challenges such as energy and water use, traffic management, sanitation, and sustainability, the quest to build cities that “work” is increasingly reliant on technology solutions. Many AWS Partners leverage the power of AWS Cloud to innovate and deploy meaningful smart city solutions for these challenges, including urban data platforms to help cities gain insights for data-driven decision making; innovative solutions to improve the efficiency and delivery of urban infrastructure such as water, waste, transport, energy, and lighting; and most importantly, solutions to deliver better government services to all urban citizens.

The Smart City Competency allows AWS Partners to differentiate themselves as AWS Smart City Partners, with unique benefits to help partners foster collaboration, innovate with AWS advanced services, and increase visibility with AWS Partners and customers. With the AWS Smart City Competency, customers can quickly and confidently identify AWS Partners to help them address Smart City-focused challenges.

We are proud to take these AWS Partners to a new level with this AWS Competency, allowing these solutions to make a positive impact for more AWS customers, especially in their mission to achieve an inclusive and sustainable future for their citizens. Learn more on the AWS Smart City Competency page.