Posted On: Oct 7, 2022

Amazon AppStream 2.0 now supports real-time audio-video (AV) by seamlessly redirecting local webcam video input to Linux AppStream 2.0 streaming sessions. Previously, this feature is only available when streaming Windows applications and desktops. With real-time AV support available in Linux streaming sessions, your users can collaborate using webcams without having to leave their Linux AppStream 2.0 sessions.

AppStream 2.0 provides a seamless real-time AV experience with video conferencing applications by compressing the webcam video and microphone audio input on the client device before transmitting this data over a secure channel to the streaming instance. During their streaming sessions, users can enable audio and video input by using the AppStream 2.0 toolbar.

To get started, you must use an Linux AppStream 2.0 image that uses Linux AppStream 2.0 agent released on or after September 21, 2022. To use real-time AV, users can connect to their AppStream 2.0 sessions from AppStream 2.0 client for Windows, or a Chromium-based web browser including Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. This feature is enabled for your users by default. To learn more, visit Enabling and Disabling Webcam Support in the AppStream 2.0 documentation. 

You can use real-time AV in all AWS Regions where AppStream 2.0 is offered. To get started with Linux AppStream 2.0, sign into the AppStream 2.0 management console and launch a Linux image builder.