Posted On: Oct 7, 2022

New versions of the Amazon Chime iOS and Android mobile apps are being rolled out with a new experience designed to improve your Amazon Chime Meetings on mobile devices. This update introduces features that aim to make it easier for you to participate in meetings when you are away from a desk and on the move. The update includes a new roster screen, a new meeting join experience, new meeting controls, performance improvements, and more. 

It’s challenging to keep track of all the moving pieces of a meeting on a smaller mobile screen and to stay involved when you are away from your desk. This update introduces a new roster screen that should make it easier to identify who is on a meeting, speaking, sharing their screen, and more. Easier access to controls allows you to more confidently mute/unmute, turn on your video, or focus on someone speaking. Controls when viewing screen share have also changed to make it more natural to zoom, pan and maximize display. The 'Raise Hands' button has been added to help you get everyone's attention when you have something to say.

When you are on the go, you need easy access to different options to join your meeting on time or let everyone know when you are running late. So Amazon Chime is now making the join experience faster and smoother with a single join screen. You can chose your audio mode, message meeting participants, or let participants know you are running late, as soon as you receive a meeting ring or notification. In addition to the previously available dial-in capabilities, the mobile join screen now also includes the ‘Call me’ feature to have Amazon Chime call your phone number or a conference room phone.

It can be hard to navigate through speaker tiles and shared content on a mobile screen, while trying to pay attention to the meeting. You can now stay on the active speaker tile to focus on the person talking without swiping around. You can also view up to 25 video tiles. To reduce data consumption and improve performance, video tiles that you are not actively viewing are paused to reduce data consumption and improve performance. 

Updates are rolling out to users incrementally starting with Android first, and iOS to follow. You can expect an auto-update to be available via the Apple App Store or Google Play over the next few months. 

Additional information on the new features can be found on Amazon Chime Help Center and the Amazon Chime User Guide. Amazon Chime is a secure, real-time, communications service that simplifies video conferencing, online meetings, calls, and chat. With Amazon Chime, there are no upfront payments, and there is no infrastructure to deploy. You can try Amazon Chime for free by visiting the Amazon Chime download page.