Posted On: Oct 10, 2022

QuickSight Q now supports questions for access restricted datasets that use Row level Security (RLS) with user based rules. Readers can now ask questions about Topics that contain restricted access datasets and instantly receive accurate and pertinent answers based on access control rules defined by authors in RLS settings. Authors can create Q Topics to answer questions on RLS enabled datasets without making any additional changes to existing rules. QuickSight Q leverages existing user based rules defined in RLS settings and enforces these rules not only on answers to questions but also on auto complete suggestions provided at the time of question framing. Therefore, Q Topics created with RLS enabled datasets always surface data that users are granted permission for.

Authors with a subscription for Enterprise Edition can define user based access restrictions on datasets by following instructions here. These rules are enforced when readers access data either by Dashboards or Topics, making it easy for Authors to manage data access for readers in a single rules dataset. Existing datasets for which rules are already defined do not need any additional changes. Get Started with a Free Trial for Amazon QuickSight Q.