Posted On: Nov 17, 2022

 Amazon CloudWatch RUM (Real User Monitoring) adds the ability for customers to send customer-defined events to RUM (in addition to predefined events) by instrumenting their web applications. The customer-defined events gives customers flexibility to monitor specific functions of their application and troubleshoot end user impacting issues unique to the application components. Customers can view, and slice and dice these events using filters in the RUM console.

CloudWatch RUM gives customers visibility into their web application’s client side performance by helping them to collect performance and error data in real time. RUM can reduce MTTR by providing visualizations that allow customers to troubleshoot and debug issues such as high page load times, error messages and stack traces. Customers can add customer defined RUM events in the events payload using a new API in the CloudWatch RUM Web Client (version 1.12.0). To learn more, see the user guide.