Posted On: Nov 27, 2022

Amazon CodeWhisperer now provides AWS administrators the ability to enable CodeWhisperer for their organization with Single Sign-On authentication. Administrators can easily integrate CodeWhisperer with their existing workforce identity solutions, provide access to users and groups, and configure organization-wide settings. Additionally, individual users who do not have AWS accounts can now use CodeWhisperer with their personal email using AWS Builder ID. The sign-up process takes only a few minutes and enables developers to start using CodeWhisperer immediately without any wait-list. 

We are also expanding programming language support for CodeWhisperer. In addition to Python, Java and JavaScript, developers can now use CodeWhisperer to accelerate development on their C# and TypeScript projects. Available in popular Integrated development environment (IDEs) [Visual Studio Code, JetBrains, AWS Cloud9, AWS Lambda] as a part of AWS Toolkit, CodeWhisperer generates (ML)–powered code recommendations seamlessly to boost developer productivity. 

Amazon CodeWhisperer is currently in preview and you can get started by downloading the latest AWS Toolkit extension for your preferred IDE, or by enabling it for your organization from the AWS Console. To learn more, visit the Amazon CodeWhisperer Product Page and documentation.