Posted On: Nov 15, 2022

Amazon HealthLake Imaging is a new HIPAA-eligible capability now in preview that enables healthcare providers and their software partners to easily store, access, and analyze medical images at petabyte scale. With HealthLake Imaging, healthcare providers and their software partners can run their medical imaging applications in the cloud to increase scale while also reducing infrastructure costs. 

HealthLake Imaging helps providers reduce the total cost of medical imaging storage up to 40% by running their medical imaging applications from a single, authoritative copy of patient imaging data in the cloud. HealthLake Imaging enables access to medical imaging data with sub-second image retrieval latencies at scale powered by cloud-native APIs and applications from AWS partners. Providers can realize the cost savings of transitioning to the cloud while preserving low latency performance, enabling them to focus their time and resources to deliver high quality patient care.

Amazon HealthLake Imaging is now available in preview in the US East AWS Region. To learn more, read the blog post here and go to the overview of the capability here.