Posted On: Nov 17, 2022

Now you can send a copy of your chat messages to Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), Amazon CloudWatch Logs, or Amazon Kinesis Firehose for real-time chat log streaming. You can use chat logging to play back chat messages from previously recorded live streams, or to audit past conversations as part of moderation workflows. To get started, visit the documentation Getting Started with Amazon IVS Chat.

Amazon Interactive Video Service (Amazon IVS) is a managed live streaming solution that is designed to be quick and easy to set up, and ideal for creating interactive video experiences. Send your live streams to Amazon IVS using the broadcast SDKs or standard streaming software such as Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) and the service is designed to provide everything you need to make low-latency live video available to any viewer around the world, letting you focus on building interactive experiences alongside the live video.

Video ingest and delivery are available around the world over a managed network of infrastructure optimized for live video. Visit the AWS region table for a full list of AWS Regions where the Amazon IVS console and APIs for control and creation of video streams are available.